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Imam Ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah

The slave is not afflicted with a
punishment greater than the
hardening of the heart and
being distant from Allah. For the
Fire was created to melt the
hardened heart. The most distant heart from Allah is the
heart which is hardened. If the
heart becomes hardened, the
eye becomes dry. If four matters are exceeded in
quantity, beyond what is
necessary, the heart shall
become hardened: Food, sleep, speech and sexual
intercourse. A body afflicted by
disease does not derive
nourishment from food or water,
similarly a heart diseased by
desire does not benefit from admonishment or exhortation. Whosoever desires to purify his
heart, then let him prefer Allah
to his desires. The heart which is clinging to its
desires is veiled from Allah,
commensurate to the degree
that it is attached to them. The
hearts are the vessels of Allah
upon His earth, hence the most beloved of them to Him, are the
ones most compassionate, pure
and resistant to deviation. They (the transgressors)
preoccupied their hearts [in the
pursuance] of the Dunya, would
that they preoccupied them with
Allah and the Hereafter, then
surely they would have reflected upon the intended meaning of His
poignant Words and Verses. Their
hearts would have returned to
their masters with a wisdom,
marvelously curious and [in
possession] of the rarest of precious gems. If the heart is nourished with
remembrance, its thirst
quenched with contemplation and
cleansed from corruption, it shall
witness remarkable and
wondrous matters, inspiring wisdom. Not every individual is endowed
with knowledge and wisdom, and
assumes its character is from
amongst its people. Rather the
People of Knowledge and Wisdom
are those who infused life into their hearts by slaying their
desires. As for the one who
slayed his heart and vitalized his
desires, then knowledge and
wisdom is naked upon his tongue. The destruction of the heart
occurs by security [in this Dunya]
and negligence, its fortification
occurs by fear and
remembrance. If the heart
renounces the pleasures of the Dunya, it settles upon the
[pursuance] of the pleasures of
the Hereafter, and amongst
those who call towards it. Should
the heart become content with
the pleasures of the Dunya, those pleasures [of the
Hereafter] cease [to continue]. Yearning for Allah and His
meeting is like the gentle breeze
blowing upon the heart,
extinguishing the blaze of the
Dunya. Whosoever caused his
heart to settle with his Lord shall be in a state, calm and
tranquil, and whosoever sent it
amongst the people shall be
disturbed and excessively
perturbed. For the love of Allah shall not
enter a heart which contains the
love of this world, except as a
camel which passes through the
eye of a needle. Hence, the most beloved servant
before Allah is the one whom He
places in His servitude, whom He
selects for His love, whom He
causes to purify his worship for
Him, dedicates his objectives for Him, his tongue for His
remembrance, and his limbs for
His service. The heart becomes sick, as the
body becomes sick, and its
remedy is al-Tawbah and
protection [from transgression].
It becomes rusty as a mirror
becomes rusty, and its clarity isv obtained by remembrance.
It becomes naked as the body
becomes naked, and its
beautification is al-Taqwa.
It becomes hungry and thirsty as
the body becomes hungry, and its food and drink is knowledge,
love, dependence, repentance
and servitude.


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